AARET is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.
We develop and promote renewable energy technologies and support other social and environmental sustainability initiatives.
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At AARET (pronounced Ā-rĕt for short) we take a three-pronged approach to helping create a healthy, sustainable world.  First, we develop physical products and systems that allow people to use our resources in a practical, sustainable way.  Second, we educate, helping people understand what sustainability is, and what approaches to sustainability are, and are not, viable.  Third, we develop policies that individuals, corporations and governments can adopt to help advance sustainability.  As our name implies, our emphasis is on the challenge of advancing energy sustainability through the development and promotion of renewable energy technologies.  But we are actually involved in all aspects of sustainability promotion (not just energy) because all aspects of sustainability, whether environmental or social, are indelibly linked and must always be considered as a group.


AARET creates and promotes physical systems and devices that will help to make our world 100% sustainable in a practical and socially equitable manner.  All inventions created at AARET are placed in the public domain.


Through it’s presentations and demonstrations, AARET helps people understand what a 100% sustainable world would look like, and which approaches to sustainability are, and are not, viable, practical and socially equitable.


AARET develops and published policies and procedures that can be adopted by individuals, corporations and governments to help advance sustainability in a comprehensive, aesthetic, practical and fair way.

AARET's Big Push - Equalizing "The Big Three"

When it comes to making renewable energy (wind & solar) the primary source of energy for the world’s population there are three major challenges that must be solved (“The Big Three”):  One, generation.  Two, storage.  And three, distribution.  Mankind has done a wonderful job at solving the generation challenge.  The latest wind power generators and solar-electric panels are now able to create clean, renewable electricity at a price point that is often lower than “grid” electricity.  However, the world has yet to develop a practical, sustainable, large-scale method of storing our renewable energy, and is even further behind in coming up with a good way of distributing renewable energy over long distances and into dense population centers.   Without the ability to safely and economically store and distribute our renewably generated electricity, the world will not be able to be powered in a sustainable way.  So AARET is focusing it’s current technology development efforts on solving the challenges of renewable energy Storage and Distribution.



The world has made great strides in the efficient conversion of wind and sunlight into renewable electricity.  In many markets the cost of nearly carbon-free, renewably generated electricity is less expensive than grid (utility) electricity, and companies around the globe continue to lower the cost and improve efficiency and recyclability of solar-electric panels and wind turbines.  So although AARET certainly promotes the use of these devices and incorporates them into our own systems, we are not currently focused on developing them in-house.


Most people understand that in order for renewable energy to be truly useful, convenient and globally ubiquitous there must be a safe and efficient way to store it.  For some renewable energy users batteries make sense.  But while batteries can be electrically efficient, their limited lifespan, questionable recyclability, and poor ability to support long distance power distribution and sharing make them far less than ideal.  At least for now.  So at AARET we will be focusing much our development effort on improving renewable energy storage technologies.


Most individuals and business are not in a position where they can generate a significant amount of renewable electricity because they don’t have the necessary land or rooftop area.  So in order for the world to be anywhere near 100% renewable energy powered there must be a safe, viable means of distributing renewable energy from the generators to the users.  A viable renewable energy distribution system is the most deficient of the “big three” challenges that must be met to make the world a nearly 100% renewable energy place.  The use of the existing electric grid is not currently a viable option.  Therefore, the advancement of distribution technologies is currently AARETs most pressing mission.

AARET: A Sustainable Corporate Culture

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